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The iDress: An eSarcasm Endorsement

An Australian clothing company has come out with a new dress made specifically for holding iPads. We felt compelled to share some thoughts on this delightful innovation.

By (@JRRaphael)

May 27, 2010

Want to look like a complete and utter ass stylish while carrying around your Apple iPad? Look no further: The iDress has arrived.

We kid you not: The iDress, manufactured by an Australian clothing company, features a slot in the front made specifically for showing the world how big of a dipshit you are holding your precious iPad like a baby.

iDress For iPad

Just slip it in — gently, at first — and, ahhh. You’ll purr with the pleasure of having an overpriced slab of locked-down technology a magical and revolutionary device resting against your ovaries. It’s the next-best thing to carrying Steve Jobs’ child.


For gentlemen who wish to look like total ass-clowns stylish as well, fear not: The iDress has a male-friendly cousin called the iTee (not to be confused with rapper Ice-T). Slip this sucker on, toss your iPad in its front-facing pouch, and you’re virtually guaranteed to get no action whatsoever stand out from the crowd.


The iDress sells for $75 USD; the iShirt goes for $37 USD. If you’re dumb enough to drop that kind of cash stylish enough to make the investment, send us photos of you in your new outfit! We’ll be sure to mock you relentlessly share your stylish decision with the world.

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