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Hump Day Hottie: Kendra Wilkinson

If Kendra Wilkinson was our “girl next door,” we’d never leave the house.

By (@tynanwrites)

May 26, 2010

Shacking up with Hef, selling a sex video, buttering your life all over reality TV – it’s just another day in the life of 24-year-old Kendra Wilkinson, former NFL cheerleader and star of Kendra Exposed, a sex tape of the then 18-year-old coming soon to an InterWebs near you. What is this bodacious blonde really like? We’ll let the self-penned ‘about me’ from her popular MySpace page do the talking:

I love my life and i love laughing a lot!! I try and look at everything in my life in the most beautiful way i can look at it. We have one life to live and i live mine the way i wanna live mine!! … Being where im at in my life (playboy mansion) and the show " Girls Next Door" has definitly changed my life and changed the things around me but that doesnt mean i changed inside… My number one priority in my life is my mom! She is the only i mean ONLY person in this world i trust and really love and if i had $1,000,000 i’d give it all to my mom cuz she deserves every penny of it and she deserves 100% of my love!!

Rumors say she received $680K for the rights to that sex tape, plus a cut of the profits. (We wonder how much of that mom is getting.) OK, so she’s not a Mensa candidate. And yes, she used 23 exclamation points in the space of 613 words. May we direct your attention to her other fine qualities? You say you’ve already noticed? That’s what we thought.

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  • fankendra

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  • Jenn

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  • Barry R. Buckley

    How can someone be considered “hot” if one is overwhelmed by pungent odor of stupidity, immaturity and all around repulsive personality? Simple, you can not if you have the integrity and self-respect for yourself and a potential love partner. Ms. Wilkinson is simply another forgettable whiny dumb brat lifted into the Playboy spotlight. Once, Mr. Hefner might have had enough standard to ignore such trash from his magazine, sadly those days have long gone many, many years ago. Kendra- appreciate your body very well because your downfall is inevitable and deserving.