What’s Google Got Against Cougars?

Google isn’t showing the love for cougars — and we aren’t talking about the four-legged cats. eSarcasm investigates.

By (@JRRaphael)

May 14, 2010

If you’re looking to meet a cougar, don’t go knocking on Google’s door.

Cougar Life Founder Claudia OpdenkelderThe G-crew, it would seem, isn’t so keen on G-spots. At least, not when they belong to the sex-crazed 40-something set.

Google, you see, has apparently put the kibosh on ads for a cougar dating site called According to the National Post, Google stamped CougarLife’s ads as “non-family safe” and took them out of the AdSense rotation.

(For the record, we’d let CougarLife’s founder — pictured at right — squeeze her ad on top of our hard-coding any day.)

The CougarLife team thinks the ban is arbitrary and unfair. And we think they might be onto something. Here are a few far more risqué Google ads we found with just a couple minutes of quick searching:

If they’re talking about people getting together to enjoy caramel lollipops, we apologize.

Google CougarsWait — was this part of the government’s Cash for Coochies program?

See, horny women are fine. So long as they aren’t over 40.

Well, obviously if you’re going out on all these dates, you’ve gotta get yourself ready.

Hmm…so MILF is okay, too. Maybe the whole “cougar” problem comes down to an animal rights thing.

Exactly what we’ve been searching for.

So, just to review:

  • Not allowed in Google ads: “cougar”
  • Allowed in Google ads: “anal sex,” “rim jobs,” “DPs,” and “strange insertions”
  • Whew. At least we know our upcoming eSarcasm ad campaign is safe.

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