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The TechList: 26.06.09

Deceased celebrities overwhelm Twitter, iPhone App Store takes down titters

By (@tynanwrites)

June 26, 2009

farrah fawcett + michael jackson1. Michael/Farrah. Dead celebrities overwhelm Web sites. Good thing Oprah didn’t kick or you’d be reading this on a stone tablet.

2. Microsoft. Slashes Windows 7 upgrades by a whopping 10 bucks. Uh, thanks Steve. Sure you can spare it?

3. Apple. Approves R-rated Hottest Girls, then pulls app for being “inappropriate.” Come on Apple, is that the breast you can do?

4. Steve Jobs. He’s either back on the job or he’s hired a turtleneck-wearing body double. The real proof? How he says “one more thing.”

5. NASA. Now seeking signs of intelligent life on Saturn’s moons. Cuz lord knows there ain’t any here.

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