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The TechList: 08.May.2010

Sarah Palin shows off her thumbs; something naked this way comes

By (@tynanwrites)

May 8, 2010

1. Sarah Palin. Endorses Carly Fiorina on Facebook. Which can only mean one thing: Carly is a bigger nutjob than we thought.

2. Neanderthals. Mated with humans, say researchers. Anyone who’s been to a singles bar on a Friday night could have told you that.

3. Facebook. Rife with security holes & anti-privacy cooties. We liked it better when all it did was give you syphilis.

4. McDonalds. Using Facebook’s new geolocate to track your burger consumption. Or they could simply follow the grease trail of McLard. 

5. Ellen. Apologizes for ad mocking iPhone. She also offered to blow Steve, but he said he preferred someone with actual experience.

6. Cupidtino. Dating site for Apple fanboys/girls to open. Because even they can’t spend all their time jerking off to their iPhones.

7. Michael Arrington. Moves to Seattle in response to popular demand…. from all his neighbors in California.

8. Robert Scoble. Says uproar over Facebook privacy is BS. Right. This from a fat hairy guy who once posed naked for a book cover.

9. Apple. Building own Flash alternative says source. When it’s done, Jobs will write a 1700-word blog post telling us why it sucks too.

10. Zynga. Maker of Farmville & Mafia Wars to launch own social gaming site. Because that’s what the world truly needs: more virtual cows.

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