Boobquake 2010: Twelve Tweets That Bare All

Seen any nice melons lately? If not, you aren’t looking hard enough. Boobquake 2010 is taking the nation — and naturally Twitter — by storm. Here’s what people are saying.

By (@tynanwrites)

April 26, 2010

Those boobs were made for tweeting, and that’s just what they’ll do. This is what we’ve learned from Boobquake 2010, still in progress as this post was being written.

As you may already know, Boobquake is the breast — err, brain — child of blogger Jen McCreight, who decided the best way to respond to an Iranian cleric who declared female immodesty caused earthquakes was by urging women to display their God- and/or augmentation specialist-given gifts to the world, and then see what shook out.

The results so far: A 6.9 temblor in Taiwan, and scattered reports of shaking and rumbling across America. Given the quantity and quality of boobage on display today, we’re expecting a lot more bodacious tectonics before the day is done.

This is, of course, the best damned idea since Steak and a Blowjob Day. Naturally, some women disagreed, and started a competing event called Brainquake.

The results so far:

Naturally, Boobquake 2010 has been jiggling bouncing trending topic on Twitter. Here’s a slice of what the Twitterati have to say about the matter:

1. @TheBloggess: Just described my boobs to a blind man. I’m doing God’s work here, people.

Bless you. But if you were really doing God’s work you’d let him use the Braille method.

2. @Lynn_H_I: Info for large breasted ladies: If you are having difficulties posting pics on #boobquake day, adjust your download rate to DD or above.

Ah, so that’s the problem. We had our cable modem set to C cup. Thanx.

3. @SugarTwittes: I have been asked to participate in #boobquake, my LOVE for is humanity is TOO great, do not want to DESTROY the planet.

We’re thinking of nominating you for the Nobel Peace Prize. But first we need to see your tits.

4. @Negarpontifiles: Check out Pamela Taylor’s poem on the occasion of #brainquake

Hmm. Let me think. Boobs or poetry? God that’s a tough one.

5. @highlyanne: #boobquake and #brainquake are not incompatible. I gave a lecture on groundwater chemistry while wearing a low-cut dress.

Damn. Where were you when we were in college? Now I want my tuition money back.

6. @Sianiipops: I unknowlingly joined the #boobquake today! Assuming it didnt contribute to a natural disaster so I shall continue whacking the baps out!

‘Whacking the baps out’? We have no idea what that means, but we think we like it.

7. @alisavino: Anyone else amused/disturbed that "Boobquake" is a trending topic in DC but not in LA right now?

Hey, we’ve always said there are more boobs in Washington DC than anywhere else on the planet.

8. @robbykarol: So, guys who RSVPed Boobquake on Facebook, you realize it makes you look creepy/desperate, right?

Yes. Yes it does. But we know you’ll be attending, just the same.

9. @Winyder: Actually surprised no guys have said anything about a Boobquake Relief Effort.

Done. We’re starting one right now. Please send donations to

10. @citythatbreeds: #boobquake #boobquake #boobquake #boobquake #boobquake #boobquake #boobquake #boobquake #boobquake

Breath, dude, breath. Somebody needs to put their wallet in your mouth before you swallow your tongue.

11. @margaretmaryy: Why yes–I will lend my breasts to science! Let’s all partake in Boobquake ’10 and see what happens.

That’s great. Since you’re in a lending mood, can we borrow them for the weekend?

12. @pzmyers: Brace yourself: It’s the day of the Boobquake. It’s amazing how much press this event is getting.

Not from us. We would never dream of stooping so low.

Photo of the luscious Panzer Engel and those lovely melons borrowed from CrowdReel.

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  • Cally Jaymes

    I show mine every day. What a wonderful concept.

  • “whacking the baps out” getting the boobs out
    Colloquial british terminology.
    Highly scientific of course :p

    • thanks for the clarification. next time I am across the pond I plan to ask every comely young lass to whack out her baps. I might never come back….

  • I am actually Sianiipops (number 6 on the list :P) and would like to say thanks for including me in this top 12…being a Brit (I'm assuming this site is American) I have no idea whether it is intended as a compliment but I for one am entirely flattered my sarcastic tweeting style has been picked up and shared with the masses…so yeah thanks!!!! :D

    PS For the record “Whacking out the baps” as rightly pointed out by my good friend Yetty is a charming British way of saying “Getting your boobs out” which as its now officially safe (:P) I will continue to do with a clear conscience!

    Thanks again guys *thumbs up* :-)

    PPS All follow please….

  • Wiz

    Has anyone read the text of Friday Sermon by Iranian Cleric?
    He was giving reference of “Sodom (Hebrew: ??????, Modern S?dom Tiberian S??ôm, Greek ??????) and Gomorrah (Hebrew: ????????, Modern ?Amora Tiberian ??môr?h/??môr?h, Greek ???????) were, according to the Bible, two cities which were destroyed by God.
    For the sins of their inhabitants Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim were destroyed by “brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven.”Gen 19:24-25 In Christianity and Islam, their names have become synonymous with impenitent sin, and their fall with a proverbial manifestation of God's wrath. Cf.Jude 1:7, Qur'an(S15)Al-Hijr:72-73.”

    That sermon has been distorted and the BoobQuake propaganda is started by the western media. Why don't you protest against the Pope who also believes in the same “God's wrath”?

    Read about the operation “Eagle Claw” and Monday's earth-quake in Taiwan. Fear the wrath of God :)

    • well, I guess that explains why my last three girlfriends turned into pillars of salt. at least now I know it wasn't my fault. thanks, Wiz.

  • well, I guess that explains why my last three girlfriends turned into pillars of salt. at least now I know it wasn't my fault. thanks, Wiz.