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The TechList: 24.April.2010

Apple engineer learns that iPhones and beer don’t mix

By (@tynanwrites)

April 24, 2010

1. iPhone 4G. Apparently it likes to go out, get wasted, and wake up in strange bars. Been there, done that. What’s the big deal?

2. Gray Powell. Apple engineer who left 4G in San Jose biergarten still has job. Also still waiting for Steve Jobs to return his testicles.

3. Lufthansa. Offers Powell free ticket to Germany & all the beer he can hold. The problem? Getting 10,000 iPhone 4Gs thru airport security.

4. Blippy. Social shopping site leaks users’ credit card info. Hey, give your CC# to a site called "Blippy," you deserve what you get.

5. YouTube. Takes down scores of Hitler parodies from Constantin Films’ Downfall. What could they do? They were just following orders.

6. McAfee. Accidentally quarantines key Windows file, putting thousands of XP machines in the toilet. Right now, Hitler is more popular.

7. Facebook. Wants you to like its "Like" button. In response, rest of Web plans to introduce a "Fuck You" button.

8. SEC. Regulators surfed porn while Wall Street bankers stole billions. Somebody was getting screwed, all right; turns out it was us.

9. Apple iPad. Using it before bed causes sleep problems, say researchers. Using it during sex? Much bigger problems.

10. Steve Jobs. Want porn? Get an Android phone, says Jobs. Or apply for a job at the SEC. But we understand there’s a waiting list.

Woz image credit to Woz.org.

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