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Twits Who Tweet: 12 Things People Are Saying About Megan Fox

Yet more proof that you don’t have to pass an intelligence test to use Twitter (but maybe you should). Today’s trending topic: Megan Fox

By (@tynanwrites)

July 30, 2009

Megan Fox Transformers

Transformers 2 hit the theaters this summer, and that can only mean one thing: People are saying incredibly stupid things about Megan Fox on Twitter. We spent about 15 minutes watching this Trending Topic until we couldn’t stand it any more. Here are some of the more, umm, intriguting tweets we found, along with our responses.

Dev92 Why do guys love Megan Fox so much?! I don’t see it at all.

@Dev92: When you’re 87 and still a virgin, you may finally figure it out.

KarinaTR4short Megan Fox looks too much like a trashy pornstar to be considered beautiful. and she gives the worst quotes in history.

@KarinaTR4hshort: Megan Fox knows how to talk? We hadn’t noticed.

TribunaLivre Megan Fox is following me on twitter. I´m a lucky guy. Kisses for her

@TribunaLivre: Hate to be the one to break it to you, dude, but that’s not really Megan. Sorry.

snorider156 Heard Transformers was really really bad….. Megan Fox’s thumbs must have ruined the whole movie….

@snorider156: Megan Fox has thumbs?

rachdro The boys have just informed me that Megan Fox is not attractive anymore because she has “chode thumbs that look like big toes”

@rachdro: And the gay thumb mafia strikes again.

LoriannShanita Yes Megan Fox is hot, too bad she can´t close her mouth lol

@LoriannShanita: We consider that a feature.

huggreentrees megan fox isnt very interesting. shes just hot.

@huggreentrees: And the difference is… what exactly?

khairulinho @marquisella did you know megan fox was a man….

@khairulinho: Dude, two words: Corrective Lenses. Get some.

notradio @michdulce yes we were. you didn’t miss anything tho. it sucked, and Megan Fox isnt even that hot anymore :(

@notradio: Right. Once chicks who look that good are legal, they really go downhill fast.

sidecarsally Megan Fox is my cousin (for real), so start following me. She’s a 2nd cousin, so we can totally still have sex.

@sidecarsally: Yeah. Totally.

papag1 I just took the “Would Megan Fox Date You?” quiz and got: yes. you would totally get her.! Try it: http://bit.ly/Rzjvf

@papag1: But only if you’re second cousins. Otherwise, no deal.

cyndia_k @neelvpatel too bad saving the world really didn’t require megan fox to strip.

@cyndia_k: We like the way you think, cyndia_k.

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