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The TechList: 11.April.2010

Apple Apple iPhone Apple Steve Jobs Apple Apple Apple. Also, something about Microsoft (but you can ignore that).

By (@tynanwrites)

April 11, 2010

1. Steve Jobs. Blogger Hank Williams declares Jobs "mad." Enjoy your stay in the gulag, Hank. See you in 50 years.

2. App Store. New rules dictate which programming languages allowed. Also, what brands of briefs you can wear. You got a problem widdat?

3. Microsoft. Issues cryptic invite to special event on April 12. But if it involves Microsoft, can it really be called "special"?

4. Adobe. Tells Apple to screw themselves. Like they’d ever consider having sex with anyone less worthy.

5. iPhone 4.0. ZOMG phone adds multitasking! & folders! & wallpaper! Becuz boring phone features just sound better coming from Apple.   

6. iPhone Dev Team. Jailbreaks iPhone 4.0 in about 27 seconds. Good for them. Hank Williams needed some roommates.

7. Center for BioDiversity. Using endangered species to push condom use. Better than their 2nd choice: "Use a rubber or we’ll kill this Panda."

8. Ununseptium. US & Russian scientists create world’s heaviest element. No word whether it plans to appear on The Biggest Loser.

9. Arkansans. 16 yo sues mom for "slandering" him on Facebook. That’s what happens when your "Lover of the Day" is a sheep.

10. FCC. Can’t regulate ISPs, says court, rendering agency toothless. Could be worse — they could be iPhone app developers.

Photo: Steve Jobs care of Business Insider

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