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The 12 Greatest Geek Tattoos

Kat Von D’s got nothing on these ink-loving geeks. From a midriff-placed Konami code to a Zelda-inspired tramp stamp, here are our picks for the 12 greatest geek tattoos around.

By (@JRRaphael)

April 6, 2010

It’s one thing to be proud of your geeky nature. It’s another to literally wear it on your body — and it’s another yet to actually look good doing it.

That’s why we tip our hats to these 12 brave souls. They weren’t afraid to go under the needle and get their geeky passions permanently inked. They may not have all done it with class, damn it, but they certainly all did it with style.

Which tattoo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you’ve got a geek-friendly tattoo of your own, send us a photo. We might just feature it in a future story.

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Geek Tattoo #1: The Sexy Circuit Board

Geek Tattoos

Our circuits would definitely overload if we were to encounter this creatively shaped and thoughtfully placed circuit board tat.

Geek Tattoo #2: The Konami Code

Geek Tattoos

If a decades-old cheat code is all it takes to score in this game, count us in.

Geek Tattoo #3: A Well-Rounded Booty

Geek Tattoos

She totally tagged that ass.

Geek Tattoo #4: HTML Man

Geek Tattoos

You’ve gotta give the guy serious geek points for pulling this off. Still, we don’t want to know what kind of code he’s rockin’ below the belt.

Geek Tattoo #5: The Fair-Warning Tramp Stamp

Geek Tattoos

Hey, at least she’s being honest.

Geek Tattoo #6: Zelda’s Got Back

Geek Tattoos

The Legend of Zelda has never looked so lovely.

Geek Tattoo #7: Zelda’s Sensual Side

Geek Tattoos

Can someone say game over?

Geek Tattoo #8: Feed Me

Geek Tattoos

Subscribe at your own risk.

Geek Tattoo #9: Fire Flower

Geek Tattoos

Go on, Mario. Grab your extinguisher.

Geek Tattoo #10: Pac-Man Attacks

Geek Tattoos

Good things happen once you reach the cherry.

Geek Tattoo #11: Rear-View Pac-Man

Geek Tattoos

This must be what they call the “bonus level.”

(NSFW warning: Full-sized image is not censored.)

Geek Tattoo #12: Pinball Wizard

Geek Tattoos

Don’t let the Leia outfit deceive you: Those pinball flippers are just waiting to attack any balls that try to get by.

(Image: GeekyTattoos.com)

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