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eSarcasm Launches ‘Indifferent’ Button for the Whole Darn Internet

A universal “Like” button, Facebook? Nice try, but our Web-wide “Indifferent” button is way more useful.

By (@JRRaphael)

March 26, 2010


In response to Facebook’s announcement of its new universal “Like” button, eSarcasm, the Web Site That Frequently Naps During Work Hours ™, has announced the launch of its own content-ranking button for Web publishers worldwide.

Indifferent Button DemoThe eSarcasm “Indifferent” button, now available free of charge, gives visitors a way to express their absolute apathy toward mediocre content. Because, let’s face of it, most of what’s out there is unoriginal horseshit.

“Our scientific analysis of the blogosphere found 92 percent of stories are actually just rehashed summaries of someone else’s content,” explains eSarcasm Director of Media-Friendly Quotations Dan Tynan.

That constant publication of pointlessly rehashed material — described by researchers as “the Mashable Effect” — is precisely what led to the creation of eSarcasm’s “Indifferent” button. eSarcasm Senior Bearer of Important-Sounding Title JR Raphael sees the button as a way for readers to express their true emotions about carbon-copied posts like “Lady Gaga, Meet Chatroulette,” “Bush Wipes Hand on Clinton’s Shirt,” and other thinly disguised attempts at cashing in Google’s trending topics without generating a single original thought.

“Look, there’s no reason anyone would possibly want to ‘like’ most of this banal blather,” Raphael explains. “Now people will finally have a way to express the complete lack of emotion this uninspired dung elicits.”

Indifferent Button Live Demo: Try Clicking!The “Indifferent” button couldn’t be simpler from a user-experience perspective: You click it, and nothing happens. Because hey, who cares? (Live demo at right.)

“We expect eSarcasm’s ‘Indifferent’ button to revolutionize content-ranking within the social Web world,” says some analyst we just made up.

“eSarcasm’s done it again,” adds a guy who looks kind of Mark Zuckerberg.

The “Indifferent” button is available for immediate download at the following URL:


Simply right-click the image to save it, then upload it to your Web site and enjoy.

If you have any problems with the “Indifferent” button, please click on our brand new “Customer Service” button, located below.

Customer Service

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  • I'd say more, but I'm busy writing my copycat post “Empoprises Launches ‘Meh’ Button for the Whole Darn Internet.”

    Since I'm much older than Louis Gray – heck, I think I'm even older than Robert Scoble – I'm prepared to launch into my “get off my lawn” rant – “I remember when the words 'friend' and 'like' actually MEANT something, rather than being words adopted by so-called 'social media experts' to signify nothing whatsoever. And we had records! And phones that were attached to the wall, and you'd only get them from Ma Bell! And we…um…LIKED it!”

  • Axonn

    Hihi, I wondered whether you'd write about this.

    I have another suggestion: we need someone to put “I like” buttons, or “Hot or not” buttons, not on girls pictures on the internet, but directly on girls! I want to click “I like” on beautiful girls I meet in the subway!

    • umm, that's great. just don't call us when you need money to make bail. ok?

    • iGrl

      yea! sounds gr8 but make sure u have the buttons for guys 2!!!

  • Mar

    And this is an indifferent comment, please rate it. <Rate Now!>

    Btw, love the button. I clicked, and it worked great!

  • Mar


  • smoothmoe

    I'd prefer a “wgas?” button, but “indifferent” will do!

  • i rofled.

  • i rofled.

  • How about a WTF? buttong

  • Anonymous

    Technically not a button, just an image.

    • Clearly, you aren’t using it right.

    • iGrl

      OMG!!! That is not the point dude!

  • Jud

    This post tries far too hard to be funny. It isn’t. Ironically, you have genuine ‘like’ buttons on your comments.

    • Ooh, baby. You like the rough talk, don’t you? I can get down with that. Tell me more, you naughty little minx.

    • yes, but we’re indifferent about them.

  • Mithun Sarkar

    salo maroge mere hath se

  • Sdfsdfsdf