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The Techlist: 13.Mar.2010

Apple’s iPad future looks set; none but the brave dare play ChatRoulette

By (@tynanwrites)

March 14, 2010

1. Apple iPad. 120K preorders sold in 24 hours. So PT Barnum was wrong; there are actually 83.3 suckers born every minute.

2. Netflix. Cancels contest to tweak search tech due 2 privacy complaints. So that obsession w/ the Olsen Twins is still our little secret.

3. Google. 99.9% certain it’s shutting down Chinese search engine. But first they plan to leave it in beta for another 5 years.

4. Twitter. Adds location sharing. Because what good is being inane and self absorbed if no one knows where you are?

5. FCC. Releases tool to clock Internet speeds. Because we already have a tool to clock the speed of government agencies: a sundial.

6. Danah Boyd. Researcher tells SXSW privacy on social networks is not dead. Then invited everyone to join her for a nude ChatRoulette session.

7. Classmates.com. Fined $9.5 million for bogus “friend is looking for you” emails. Also voted ‘Most likely to become ass-sucking sleazebags.

8.  Conan. Follows unknown 19 yo woman, turns her into instant Twitter celebrity. Be sure to catch his new talk show on ChatRoulette.

9. IJustMadeLove. Lets U brag about yr sexual exploits. If you’re geeky enuf to log on post-boink, you probably don’t get laid very often.

10. Climate researchers. Say global warming is causing birds to shrink. It’s true: the Twitter bird has already lost 16 pixels since January.

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