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Hump Day Hottie: Adrianne Palicki

Oh Adrianne, if we’d only known you in high school. Or even now.

By (@tynanwrites)

February 24, 2010

We admit it: We’ve never watched NBC’s "Friday Night Lights." But we’re going to rectify that situation as soon as possible, now that we know Adrianne Palicki is in it. The lovely Adrianne plays slutty Tyra Collette, who never met a football jock she wouldn’t huddle with. (Yet more reasons — heck the only reason — to encourage your son to play football.) The extremely busy 27-year-old is starring in the upcoming film Legion and the straight-to-DVD Women in Trouble (which also features former Hump Day Hotties Cameron Richardson and Emmanuelle Chiriqui — that’s definitely going into the Netflix queue). Fortunately there’s plenty of Adrianne in various states of undress spread across the Net, including this lovely uncensored image of her.

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