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The TechList: 06.Feb.2010

Girl Scouts to sell sweets with tweets, Android apps feel Apple’s heat

By (@tynanwrites)

February 6, 2010

1. Girl Scouts. Pushed to use Twitter, SMS, & Facebook to sell cookies. Nothing like a little sexting to make you want Samoas.

2. Amazon. Forced to bend over and grab its ankles on eBook pricing; somehow, though, we’re the ones getting screwed.

3. Jonathan Schwartz. Resigned as Sun CEO via Twitter haiku. Sadly, not this: Larry Ellison/ What an amazing asshole/ Work for him? No way.

4. Facebook. UrbanDictionary name meme sweeps FB. The entry for "Jonathan" is "ponytailed dweeb who writes bad haiku."

5. Perez Hilton. Cyber-beeyotch queen tops Forbes list of Web celebs for 3rd straight year. Oops, did we say "straight"? Sorry. Our bad.

6. ManCrunch. Gay dating site ad banned from Super Bowl. Once again secret investor Michael Arrington gets screwed, & this time no reach around.

7. Facebook. Unveils yet another facelift. One more and they’ll be tied with Cher.

8. Michael Arrington. Apologizes to readers after intern accepts bribe in exchange for post. One apology down; only 17,432 to go.

9. Google. Asks NSA to investigate their hack attack. That’s like hiring Kirstie Alley to find out who’s been eating all the donuts.

10. Apple. Bans the word "Android" from iPhone app store. Use the word "Google" & they’ll send you to their re-education camp in LongDong.

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