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The Best Facebook Urban Dictionary Name Definitions

Using UrbanDictionary.com to define your name is all the rage on Facebook this week. We dug around to find some of the funniest entries out there.

By (@JRRaphael)

February 4, 2010

Facebook has some pretty strange trends. We’ve seen everything from bra color revelation week — no complaints there — to the more recent start of celebrity doppelganger days. Now, all of that is giving way to the UrbanDictionary.com name game.

The Urban Dictionary name definitions game is simple: You surf over to UrbanDictionary.com, type in your first name, then paste whatever you find into your Facebook status.

Sometimes, you get an entry filled with innocent pleasantries. Katie, for example, is defined as “a happy person who is a good listener and reliable friend.”

Other times, though, you find definitions that are far less family-friendly.

Here are 10 of our favorites.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #1: Mike

  • The definition: “A gay prostitute who looks like a gorilla, usually found selling for a few bucks around high schools.”

Sorry, Mr. Arrington.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #2: Shelby

  • The definition: “To double-team; to tag team (originally sexual connotation). Also applicable to all other instances of tag-teaming and double teaming.”

Well, shelby us — we had no idea.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #3: Steve

  • The definition: “A thong that is visible above the trouser line of a girl. A useful word when spotting a thong or pointing one out without the girl knowing.”

Writing stories about Steve Jobs suddenly seems a lot more interesting.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #4: Robert

  • The definition: “(n) a rare kind of clown porn available only in Gaelic. now illegal in 129 countries (including Russia), it is the most dangerous porn to shoot on account of Interpol constantly cracking down on the underground rings.”

Unfortunately, we can confirm that this one is accurate. Dr. Smartass tries to bring that crap in here all the time.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #5: Clara

  • The definition: “1) A blow job; 2) Giving 3 blow jobs at one time; 3) A girl who likes penis in her mouth”

To utilize definition #3, let me just say this: If there are any claras out there looking for employment, we’re hiring.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #6: Tucker

  • The definition: “A nickname for an individual who tucks his penis between his legs resulting in the appearance of a man-gina.”

Yeah. That seems about right.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #7: Sarah

  • The definition: “A bimbo. A fairly attractive woman with zero IQ and very stupid.”

Paging Ms. Palin

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #8: Scott

We saw him. He concurred.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #9: Dan

My eSarcasm partner-in-crime will be delighted.

Urban Dictionary Name Definition #10: JR

  • The definition: “a pimp player who has the biggest dick in the world and a joker wild”

You know, I was skeptical at first, but I’m starting to think this Urban Dictionary is really onto something.

What’s your Urban Dictionary name definition? Leave a comment and let us know.

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