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Apple: Screw Google — We’re with China

Steve Jobs releases statement in support of China’s censorship stance. “Filtering content without explanation is part of leading,” he says.

By (@JRRaphael)

January 22, 2010

The story you're about to read is not (entirely) true. It is, however, more accurate than most things on network television.

As Google wages an all-out war with China over Internet censorship, Apple is stepping out in defense of the People’s Republic.

Apple dictator CEO Steve Jobs released a statement on Friday expressing his support of China’s actions and condemning Google for its opposition of the nation’s “minion-protecting” policies.

“Clearly, China is looking out for its citizens’ best interests by preventing them from accessing material the leaders don’t feel is appropriate,” Jobs’ statement says. “Sometimes, the wise men at the top know what’s best for everyone else and need to take a strong-handed approach.”

Jobs specifically references China’s censorship of pornographic material, noting that he too does not allow “such filth” into his dominion. He also defends China’s decision to block selected Google services over the years, claiming that such sweeping and seemingly illogical moves are often necessary in a totalitarian organization.

“Filtering out a company’s content without explanation is part of leading an autocratic group,” Jobs writes, pointing to his own regime’s never-fully-explained bans of such utilities as Google Voice and Google Latitude. “All of this nonsense about ‘transparency’ and ‘giving your followers choice’ is overrated.”

The Apple statement goes on to laud China’s other communistic tactics, including the government’s secrecy and frequent dissemination of misleading information. Such moves are needed to “protect a regime,” Jobs says, and “pretending the decisions are made for the people’s benefit is often the best way to avoid dissent.”

Today’s statement is not the first time Apple has aligned itself with the Chinese government. Apple previously worked closely with China in developing its overall business model, past reports indicate. Jobs was also believed to be a key “oppression advisor” to the Chinese government as it sought to bring the far-too-unrestricted Android mobile platform into its country late last year.

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  • For those who equate China as “Big Brother” and Google as a woman running up and destroying the Big Brother screen – now just where did you get that old video that you're referencing? That's copyrighted material and not on the approved list.

  • justdisgusted

    I will never buy another apple product again.

  • justdisgusted

    I will never buy another apple product again.

  • Zippy

    well, well, wake! is the world, nothing else ….

  • do Apple shareholders have anything to say? Oh, excuse me, I forgot, the regime's totalitarian. Long live Steve Jobs, our leader!

  • BusterBrown

    Glory to Apple and China! China has the head start but Apple is by no means out of the running.

  • BusterBrown

    Glory to Apple and China! China has the head start but Apple is by no means out of the running.

  • ahkenaten

    Google is coming. You can't stop them. They will lay waste to your most cherished demographics, destroying them and salting the Earth on which they stood and then they build new ones in their place. Even trying to stop it only adds to our inertia.

    Microsoft is a lumbering dysfunctional state, run by some old fart like Gerald Ford. Apple is very much a secretive, fascist little island, run by Jim Jones….

    Google is the light. Google is a big tent. Google is a shiny, glimmering city that promises everyone a chance to sell their wares, invent, learn, explore the possibilities without fear of bureaucracy or intellectual theft.

    Google is Athens in it's prime. We will colonize and infect the old cultures. We will build a new world.

  • Nobody

    I agree with the text content, but why is the poorly photoshoped picture with an indoor Job added to this outdoor scene?

  • Why do I feel like this might as well *not* be sarcasm?

  • Jonny

    Ah thanks! this is good confirmation why I don’t make iPhone apps.  I guess it would be easy money, I mean, somebody made millions off of an app that makes the screen go blank right? that’s one reason I won’t do it: no challenge.  I would also be supporting communism and I would also be beaten to a bloody pulp for trying to work around API bugs anyway.

    $100 says Steve keeps a ten-story high shrine to Mao Tse-tung in an underground fortress.

  • Wind TV

    Okay, whenever I said I hated Apple, my friends said Steve Jobs was a legend and that I’m an idiot if I hate him. Whenever that happened, I said that I don’t hate Steve Jobs, just Apple.

  • Dayday

    Is this your way of trying to gain attention on the Internet? I live in China and this goddamn regime can’t do anything stopping a reform. And a word of advice, the next time you do photoshop, please make it more realistic? All the “quotes” from Steve Jobs are clearly invalid, the one and only obsession of Steve Jobs is to bring the best user experience and perfection to customers. When the Arab Spring was brewing and even after it ended Steve Jobs dismissed any request for comments, clearly he doesn’t give a damn about politics even though he is racially a middle eastern person, what make’s you think he would care about politics in China? I don’t know whether this is simply a joke or what but whoever actually believe in you, well they can go to hell just like you would.

    • we now feel sufficiently chastened. thanks for that.

      by the way, did you notice the word ‘sarcasm’ on this page? it appears in a few places, but it might be easy to miss. I guess we are now going to hell. it’s apparently where they send people who suck at photoshop.