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Almost Useful: The Bluetooth Dress

Sony Ericsson is working on a new Bluetooth-connected dress. A couple of simple tweaks could make it far less lame.

By (@JRRaphael)

June 18, 2009

Maria SharapovaSony Ericcson showed off a new prototype Bluetooth dress this week. The only real redeeming quality of the garment, however, was the shapely gal wearing it.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova — pictured here in a far better outfit — helped demo the dress at a media event in London Wednesday. The dress is equipped with “translucent white scales” that light up when your phone rings. Sharapova, we would say, is equipped with far more impressive things.

The reason: The Bluetooth scales are placed along one side of the dress, starting at the shoulder and running down to the hip. Who wants their entire side lighting up every time a call comes in? That’d just be plain annoying for all parties involved.

Now, if the lights were more strategically placed, the function could actually become useful. How, you might ask? By providing an excuse for staring, of course — particularly in the case of our ball-serving beauty (tennis balls, you pervert). Our design department created the following technical blueprint to demonstrate the concept:

Bluetooth Dress

Our other suggestion for improving the design comes down to three tantalizing syllables: vibrate mode.

Maria, you know how to reach us.

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