Ron Jeremy Inches His Way Into CES

Ron Jeremy (yes, that Ron Jeremy) is stopping by CES this week. He’ll be engaging in a fluidic exchange.

By (@JRRaphael)

January 7, 2010

Plenty of exciting headlines are pouring out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week. This one, however, may be the — ahem — biggest of all:

“Porn Star Ron Jeremy Urges Parents to Protect Children from Online Porn”

Yes, folks — that’s a real headline, straight from a real press release. We couldn’t make it up if we tried.

But enough about us; let’s hear from the Hedgehog himself. Per the release:Ron Jeremy CES

“Porn is definitely not for kids. Take it from someone who has worked in the industry for years,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy will express his views during a special session at CES on Friday. According to the release, he’ll also debate with “anti-porn pastor” Craig Gross about the value of online porn.

Our prediction: Jeremy will start from behind but quickly pull out ahead of his opponent. His argument will be slow but intense; he won’t shove it down your throat right away. Eventually, though, he’ll get to the thrust of his position, spurting out a steady stream of knowledge in an impressively powerful climax.

He is, after all, a master of oral performance.

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